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Recording ID: 2017-413

What They Don't Tell You About Homeschooling Boys

Okay, we’ve all heard that boys are from Mars. If you’ve ever tried to homeschool one of these little ‘aliens’ (who measure success by the loudness of their armpit farts), you’ll surely believe it. Once they hit the teen years, their alien-ness can seem to rob them of what little humanness they had (at least that’s the way it looks from our female point of view). How, oh, how do you begin to teach these miniature men that are so different from yourself? Susan, homeschool mother of seven boys (six already graduated and all seven following hard after God), will humorously share with you the joy and fun of teaching boys, and gently lead you to love and admire your sons, and to enjoy the journey in this laughter-and-wisdom-filled workshop.

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