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Cyber Safety Case Study: How I Keep My Family Safe Online (and how you can too)

Saturday May. 11, 2024

As a homeschool dad responsible for my family's internet safety, I've got a major advantage over most parents: I've been a professional computer programmer for nearly 20 years. And I literally wrote my own parental controls app because I wasn't satisfied with the available options. Not everyone can (or will want to) replicate all the steps I've taken, but sometimes just hearing a detailed breakdown and retrospective can help parents gain valuable insights and inspiration to tailor their own approach to internet safety for their families. Join me as I delve into a case study of the specific measures I've tried (and rejected) over the years, and get a detailed description of how one homeschool family has navigated internet safety with kids ranging in age from 7 to 18. We'll cover parenting issues, home network, parental controls, phones, and more.

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