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Recording ID: 2017-0001

Keynote - Be Strong and Courageous

Friday Jun. 2, 2017

Standing for faith, family, and freedom requires strength and courage. At a time in our history when this is more important than ever before, homeschooling families are living very strong and courageous lives. The Hebrew word for strong in the Old Testament is a verb meaning decisive action. It also means encouragement. The idea communicated is that we have the courage to act to take on the challenge, which often occurs when we are facing something that seems impossible or has great risk if we fail. In this keynote address, we will look at how God calls us to accomplish the impossible and how homeschooling parents and students have succeeded as leaders in their homes, communities, and our nation. You will be encouraged in your calling as a parent and leader, and we’ll be reminded that as believers we can be a strong and courageous people.