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Our First 30 Years of Homeschooling- Lessons Learned From 3 Decades of Teaching 14 Kids

Friday Jun. 25, 2010

Rick Boyer and his wife have been home schooling since 1980. Starting out young and green in a time when only a handful of families was home schooling, Rick and Marilyn found few resources to help them in their journey. They had to blaze their own trail, surviving such obstacles as skeptical grandparents, hostile school authorities, unhelpful curriculum publishers, blizzards, Indian attacks&(just kidding). The Boyers are still home schooling today and now share their experiences around the world through their books and their speaking ministry. Rick will share some of the most profound lessons learned along the way, including: -It's not schooling, it's discipleship -Life is the curriculum -The kid is the can -Socialization is for socialists -George Washington survived without Little League -and many more!

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