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The Gift

Saturday Jun. 17, 2023

Like you, when we began our homeschooling journey, we asked ourselves, "Will we be able to teach them all they need to know for success?" There were so many options and subjects to teach them. They were loaned to us knowing almost NOTHING, and we were expected to fill up their noggins and prepare them for adulthood. Little did we know then that homeschooling turned out to be not only what we taught them...but what THEY taught US. Never would we have believed how God would use homeschooling to teach us what He needed us to know as parents, homeschoolers, and as His children. So join Todd for an intimate time of sharing and laughing at the lessons my children taught me. My hope is that you'll start to view your homeschool day less as a time to teach and muscle through but as a gift. During our time together, we will look at the smile stealers and makers in your homeschooling world and get you smiling again. Because you have a lot to smile about!!!