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Mount Hope Church, Lansing, Michigan
Thursday - Saturday
May. 18 through 20, 2023

MI 2023 Convention - Teach Me to Walk in Truth

Presented by: Michigan Christian Homeschool Network
Recording ID: 2023-ALL
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MICHN 2023 Complete Convention Set

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Show Included Sessions
Sessions Included In This Set: 23-01Keynote introduction to speakers by: Todd Wilson, Israel Wayne23-02Morning devotional by: Israel Wayne23-03Culture Proof: How to Grow the Resistance by: Meeke Addison, Wil Addison23-04Smile Stealers and Smile Makers by: Todd Wilson23-05The Gift by: Todd Wilson23-101Is It Enough? by: Rebecca Spooner23-102The Heart of the Homeschool by: Meeke Addison, Wil Addison23-103Integrating Theology into Your Homeschool by: Phylicia Masonheimer23-104Leading and Learning by: Joel Brown23-105In Their Own Words by: Mark Boonstra23-106Common Mistakes Christian Parents Make by: Israel Wayne23-107Four Deadly Errors of Teaching Writing by: Andrew Pudewa23-108The 4 Homeschool Temperaments by: Todd Wilson23-109Beginning Homeschool Basics by: Patty Blackmer23-110Help! My Child has an Attitude!! by: Kim Sorgius23-111Life Lessons on Being a Supportive Husband and Faithful Father by: Steve Demme23-201Parents – Uniquely Designed to Teach and Disciple Their Children by: Steve Demme23-202Who's Got Next? A Look at the Next Generation by: Meeke Addison, Wil Addison23-203Inductive Bible Study by: Phylicia Masonheimer23-204Developing a Plan for High School by: LaNissir James23-205Applying the Principles of Minimalism to Homeschooling by: Ann Troast23-206Balancing Marriage, Parenting, and Homeschooling by: Israel Wayne, Brook Wayne23-207Teaching Boys and Teaching Girls: Better Understanding by: Andrew Pudewa23-208Add the Wonder by: Ginny Yurich23-209History of Homeschooling in Michigan & Understanding Michigan's Law by: Dave Kallman, Scott Woodruff23-210How to Create a Curriculum Plan Your Child Will Love by: Kim Sorgius23-211Help! I'm Married to a Homeschool Mom! by: Todd Wilson23-301Preparing Homeschooled Children for an Uncertain Future by: Ginny Yurich23-302Cultivating Competent Christian Communicators to Conquer Corrupt Culture by: Andrew Pudewa23-303What Is Gather 'Round? by: Rebecca Spooner23-304Highschool Transcript Clinic: Practical Help and Tips by: LaNissir James23-305Character as Core Curriculum by: Kathie Morrissey23-306Sibling Conflict: Breaking Up the Fight, Solutions for the Real Home by: Brook Wayne23-307Fear Not! You & Your Child Can Learn Math Together by: Steve Demme23-308Taming the Techno-Beast: Parenting in the Internet Age by: Todd Wilson23-309Defending Homeschooling When Critics Say Parents Abuse Their Kids by: Scott Woodruff23-310Get Off the Couch: Helping Kids Be Disciplined Workers by: Kim Sorgius23-311Man Up! Be the Homeschool Dad by: Mike Winter23-401Raising Tiny Disciples by: Phylicia Masonheimer23-402Bridging the Racial Divide by: Meeke Addison, Wil Addison23-403Working + Homeschooling: How Is It Possible? by: Rebecca Spooner23-404Essential Skills for Teens by: LaNissir James23-405Frustrated, Stressed (& Maybe A Little Angry) by: Kathie Morrissey23-406Raising Esthers, Daniels, & Nehemiahs by: Katherine Bussard23-407Math You See and Understand by: Steve Demme23-408The Do's and Don'ts of Teaching Your Children Theology by: Israel Wayne23-409Don't Slow Me Down with That Calculator by: Clif Petrak23-410How to Create Your Perfect Homeschool Schedule by: Kim Sorgius23-411Man Up! Lead Yourself, Your Family, and Your World by: Mike Winter23-501Preparation for Persecution: A Curriculum Proposal by: Andrew Pudewa23-502Education: Does God Have an Opinion? by: Israel Wayne23-503Teaching the Child You Have, Not the Child You Want by: Rebecca Spooner23-504Charting Your Way thru High School: For College, Career, or Military by: LaNissir James23-505`Growing Our Children: Why Home Is Best by: Brook Wayne23-506Adapting Bible Study to Your Childs Learning Style by: Phylicia Masonheimer23-5071000 Hours Outside by: Ginny Yurich23-508Priority Homeschooling by: Todd Wilson23-509Keeping Your Family Safe during a Child Abuse or Neglect Investigation by: Scott Woodruff23-510Secrets to Cultivating a Life-Giving Family Culture by: Kim Sorgius23-511Family Worship You See by: Steve Demme23-601Getting Started: Homeschool 101 by: Rebecca Spooner, Ginny Yurich23-602Be a Great Wife, A Homeschool Mom, & Passionate Pursuer of the King by: Phylicia Masonheimer23-603Man Up! Godly Manhood Defined by: Mike Winter This set is subject to change without notice based on recording availability. Recordings that are lost due to technical difficulties or that are no longer available due to contractual agreements with the speakers, will not be included. No refund for missing sessions is guaranteed or implied.
ID: 23-110
May. 19, 2023

From rolling eyes to slamming doors, sometimes a kid's attitude is simply frustrating! If you're at your wits' end or just looking for practical ways to get to the HEART of the matter, this session is for you. As Proverbs 4 says, your attitude determines your life's path.

If you love the idea of a flexible curriculum guided by your child's interests but aren't sure how to make that happen without holes or headaches, this session is for you. 20+ year veteran homeschool mom Kim Sorgius will show you how to create your own curriculum plans for your child's interests, using tools and resources to make the job easy. It's time to think outside of the box!

Do your kids "forget" to do their chores? Is their schoolwork just a box that gets sloppily checked off? Do you feel like they'll never take initiative? If you're looking for the magic pill to help your kids get off the couch and work hard, this isn't the session for you. But if you want practical ways to kick laziness to the curb, be sure to join us as we learn how to encourage and nurture our kids to be disciplined and responsible workers

You've tried all the things that seem to work for other people yet still can't find the right homeschool schedule for you. Trust me-you're not alone. Figuring out how to teach multiple ages, fold the laundry, and keep the toddlers from writing on the walls with markers can feel overwhelming. Join 20+ year homeschool veteran and work-at home mom Kim Sorgius as she shares practical ways to wrangle your homeschool schedule for good.

Every family has a culture ... a way of living. And every family is defined by it. Are your family's mission and culture breathing life into your days? Being intentional and purposeful is the best way to make sure your mission aligns with your worldview. You'll leave this session armed with a list of practical ideas and an encouraged heart!


Old Sturbridge Village, Massachusetts
Thursday - Saturday
Apr. 21 through 23, 2022

MA-2022 Masshope Planting with a Purpose (Isaiah 61:3)

Presented by: Massachusetts Homeschool Organization of Parent Educators
Recording ID: 2022-ALL
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Complete convention set 2022 MassHOPE

When you purchase this set you have access to all of the sessions that were recorded at the 2022 MassHOPE convention for your personal use. Each message is copyrighted by the speaker- all right reserved. (You don't need to click on any of the individual session recordings- this has them all.)

Show Included Sessions
Sessions Included In This Set: 22- AWhy Homeschool? by: Deborah Wuehler22- BReady, Set, Go! by: Susan Jacobsen22- CThe Cost of NOT Homeschooling by: Deborah Wuehler22-01Homeschooling Reimagined by: Connie Albers22-02What is a Leader? by: Paul Hastings22-06Laying a Foundation for Reading Comprehension in the Preschool Years by: Faith Berens22-07Tools for Leadership by: Paul Hastings22-10Education: Why the Teacher Should be YOU! by: Deborah Wuehler22-11Succeeding with science instruction on the high school level by: Diane Speed22-12Leadership = Influence: Leadership Skills for Everyone by: Jonathan Brush22-13To Teach or NOT to Teach: A Simple Plan from Preschool to Graduation by: Kim Sorgius22-14Building a Solid Math Foundation by: Suzanne Fenton22-15Phonemic Awareness: The Missing Ingredient in Reading Instruction by: Faith Berens22-16Ask: The Critical Importance of Questions by: Jonathan Brush22-17SOS! How to Homeschool Students with Special Needs by: Faith Berens22-18How to help your children write stories that reach people's hearts by: Carol Robb22-19Math Myths, Math Anxiety, and Math Learning Challenges by: Suzanne Fenton22-20Five Things Every Parent Should Know About Homeschooling High School by: Diane Speed22-21The Framework You Need to Make Sense of the World and Your Place in It by: Jonathan Brush22-22Five Things God Says About Loving Your Siblings by: Kim Sorgius22-23Do You Have All That You Need? by: Deborah Wuehler22-24Literature: Social and aesthetic nourishment for homeschool students by: Roy Speed22-25Strong Fatherhood for Dads by: Paul Hastings22-26The Importance of Taking Action and Doing Real Things by: Jonathan Brush22-27Remain Steadfast During High School by: Connie Albers22-28You CAN Be a Great Math Teacher by: Suzanne Fenton22-29How to Teach Your Child to Learn Independently by: Kim Sorgius22-30Reading Difficulties: Remediation Strategies and Techniques, part 1 by: Faith Berens22-31How to Really Change the World and Make Sure Your Life Has Meaning by: Jonathan Brush22-32The Higher Calling of Fatherhood by: Paul Hastings22-33Homeschooling My Autistic Child – Can I? How? by: Julie Garber22-35Three skills every student needs for college by: Diane Speed22-36Plan: Taking the Overwhelm Out of Homeschool Planning by: Kim Sorgius22-37Rules Minus Relationship Create Rebellion by: Connie Albers22-38Homeschooling Through Hardship by: Deborah Wuehler22-39Reading Difficulties: Remediation Strategies and Techniques, part 2 by: Faith Berens22-40Entrepreneurship 101 by: Paul Hastings22-41Family Study: Helping Kids and Teens Grow in Faith by: Kim Sorgius22-42Helping Students with Sensory Processing Challenges Learn Successfully by: Julie Garber22-43Fractions: Misunderstood by Most by: Suzanne Fenton22-44Five things about writing most students are never taught by: Roy Speed22-45Rebuilding Western Civilization: A Call to a Bigger Vision by: Jonathan Brush22-46Teach Kids How to Create a Positive Social Footprint by: Connie Albers22-47Homeschooling the Rebel by: Deborah Wuehler22-48High School at Home for Teens with Special Needs by: Faith Berens This set is subject to change without notice based on recording availability. Recordings that are lost due to technical difficulties or that are no longer available due to contractual agreements with the speakers, will not be included. No refund for missing sessions is guaranteed or implied.

Are we pushing too hard or doing too little? Are we teaching the right things at the right time? Will there be gaps if we teach outside the box? This workshop is all about fostering a love of dreaming while still meeting the academic needs of your kids and keeping the important things in focus.

Hey kids, bring your parents and learn how to LOVE your siblings. We will take a look at what the Bible says about siblings and learn easy ways you can love your siblings even when it’s hard. (Parents are welcome without kids, too!)

Discover practical strategies for teaching your child HOW to learn. This workshop will give you the tools to guide your child as they gradually transition to learning independently. Whether you have preschoolers or high schoolers you can decrease burnout, develop successful students, and bring peace into your home once again. Listen and experience a renewed vision for your homeschool.

So, you’ve got a box full of unused planners and half-erased lesson plan books. Trust me, you’re not alone! There is a simple way to plan your whole school year in just ONE week. Reclaim your Sunday nights and your sanity by joining veteran homeschool mom, Kim Sorgius, for this session.

Whether you have toddlers or teens, we all have a desire to see our kids walk with the Lord and grow in faith. In this session, we will explore fun and simple ways to teach your kids to have regular devotional study, a meaningful prayer life, and engaging family discussions.