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Leavenworth, WA
Thursday - Saturday
Feb. 9 through 11, 2023

WA - 2023 Marriage Retreat

Presented by: Christian Heritage Home Educators of Washington
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2023 Christian Heritage Marriage Retreat Complete Set

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Sessions Included In This Set: CHMR23-01What's a Healthy Home Life? by: Roger Smith MD, Jan SmithCHMR23-02Be a Student, Not an Expert by: Roger Smith MD, Jan SmithCHMR23-03Watch Out for Landmines! by: Roger Smith MD, Jan SmithCHMR23-04How to Have a Good Fight! by: Roger Smith MD, Jan SmithCHMR23-06Parenting Principles for Closeness by: Roger Smith MD, Jan Smith This set is subject to change without notice based on recording availability. Recordings that are lost due to technical difficulties or that are no longer available due to contractual agreements with the speakers, will not be included. No refund for missing sessions is guaranteed or implied.
ID: CHMR23-01
Feb. 9, 2023

Because we as a society have made marriage be so different from a marriage following God’s principles, it’s hard to know what a healthy relationship looks like! Discover key biblical principles and examples from the Bible to answer the question: “What do you need from me?”

ID: CHMR23-02
Feb. 10, 2023

Lifelong learning about how to better accept and understand your spouse leads to a deeper love and appreciation of each other as the years click by. Grow in understanding of personality, temperament, biological clock, impact of home of origin, and other considerations that lead to more effective communication of love.

ID: CHMR23-03
Feb. 10, 2023

Things that enrich our lives can also become points of contention. These may be difficult to navigate with grace. Let’s discuss some common problem areas that can occur concerning hobbies, in-laws, spending habits, childrearing, and more.

ID: CHMR23-04
Feb. 10, 2023

Communication patterns open or close doors to connectedness. Conflict is a normal part of every relationship, yet healthy conflict resolution is not common. Learn some simple principles that help us develop this skill and are foundational to success!

ID: CHMR23-06
Feb. 11, 2023

Good intentions in child rearing can damage a marriage. Some common practices can be avoided to prevent tearing your own house down!