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Gretta Eskridge

Greta is a wife of 23 years and mother to 4. After being homeschooled for most of her own education, Greta took her love for literature, writing, and people, and became a high school English teacher. Greta loves home educating her kids. More than anything, Greta loves the way homeschooling allows her to form deep connections with her kids. In addition to home schooling, Greta is a writer and a speaker. Her first book, published by Thomas Nelson, came out July of 2020. Her next book comes out Spring of 2022. Greta loves encouraging her fellow parents to dive deep into relationships with their children. She is passionate about helping parents. Greta brings a message of hope, understanding, and encouragement to everyone who hears her. Her strong faith comes through in her compassionate, joyful heart. She truly loves connecting with people.