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Recording ID: 04-11

Help for the Highly Distractible Mom

Friday Aug. 20, 2004

Why do we start for the kitchen to get a drink for a child, get sidetracked by a paperclip on the floor and end up weeding in the garden with no idea why our child is still thirsty? Why do library books constantly disappear into black holes in our homes, never to be seen again? least not before the fines add up? Why do we have 25 great educational programs or projects started and only 2 or 3 are ever finished? As a self-proclaimed "Gloriously Unregimented Mom", Carol shares stories and strategies from the heart (and from the trenches!) about a home run by a highly distractible mom. She brings to light the many "truths" distractible moms must own if ever they are to develop strategies that work. Best of all, Carol shares her firm conviction that the highly distractible mom has a real and God-given edge over the naturally organized mom. Come and learn and laugh as you find REAL help for the highly distractible mom.