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ADHD and the Homeschool Family (ThinkBright ADHD Coaching)

Saturday Jun. 17, 2023

MP3# 23-412 Willamette 1 Homeschooling is a beautiful way to educate all minds, and it is particularly excellent for those with unique brain wiring. However, the problems associated with ADHD can be hard to recognize in a homeschooling environment since they don't manifest in the same manner as in institutional schooling. This workshop will shine a light on how ADHD shows up in the homeschool and how families can study it and support it so that these amazing minds can prosper even in the non-ADHD world. Attendees will receive a discount for "ADHD: See it, Study it, Support it!" Group Coaching with Rhea Finch, a Certified Professional ADHD Family Coach.