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Portland, Oregon
Friday & Saturday
Jun. 23 through 24, 2017

OR-2017 Strength for Today and Hope for Tomorrow

Presented by: Oregon Christian Home Education Association Network
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All sessions from the 2017 Oregon Conference

This one price allows you to download any or all of the sessions from the 2017 Oregon Christian Home Education Conference, (for personal use only) now and in the future. Sessions unavailable (or lost) due to technical difficulties will not be included.

Show Included Sessions
Sessions Included In This Set: 17-01Fearless Homeschooling by: Heidi St John17-02The Home God Uses to Change the World by: Matthew Jacobson17-03Ripped from the Case Files by: Jim Mason17-04Uncommon Courage by: Heidi St John17-101Multi-Level Teaching by: Heidi St John17-102Homeschooling the Early Years: You Gotta Turn Right to Go Left by: Heather Haupt17-103High School 101 by: Jean Burk17-104Micro Business for Teens: Starting a Micro Business by: Carol Topp, CPA17-105Successful Homeschooling by: Lisa Jacobson17-106Homeschooling: Real Hard and Real Blessings by: Colene Lewis17-107Recruiting & Retaining Volunteers by: Beth Mora, Forrest Mora17-108The Prodigal Son, the Forgiving Father, and the Power of Beholding by: Jim Mason17-109Math-You-Hate becomes Math-U-Love with Math-U-See by: exhibitor17-201Strong Roots – Strong Families by: Heidi St John17-202Sharing Life, Loving, and Learning by: Heather Haupt17-203Managing Anger and Conflict in Your Home by: Beth Mora17-204Free College at Your Fingertips by: Jean Burk17-205The Secret to Building a Strong Marriage by: Lisa Jacobson17-206Well Planned Day, Yes It's Possible by: Rebecca Farris17-207Top 10 Tips for Running a Homeschool Organization by: Carol Topp, CPA17-208Choosing and Using the Best Curriculum by: Caleb Crossman17-209Experience Excellence in Writing by: exhibitor17-211Walking Tall: How a Man Can Win in This Sex-Saturated Culture by: Matthew Jacobson17-212Why Is My Fabulous Child So Forgetful and Frustrated? by: Bill Hartner17-301Help and Hope for the Overwhelmed Mom by: Heidi St John17-302Marriage Wisdom: Practical Tools for Love and Friendship between Husband and Wife by: 17-303Knights in Training: Raising Boys into Men by: Heather Haupt17-304Learn Real Life Skills by: Carol Topp, CPA17-305Dream Bigger by: Beth Mora17-306Homeschooling Hints from Calvin & Hobbs by: Colene Lewis17-307Dyslexia: Facts and Fiction by: Joann Matson17-308Note to Self: The Vital Role of Homeschooling Dads by: Jim Mason17-309Logic Through All Ages by: exhibitor17-311Work at Home as a Medical Transcriptionist by: exhibitor17-312Seven Principles for Living a Passionate Life with Joy, Purpose, and Victory by: exhibitor17-401The First Three Years: A Workshop for Homeschool Rookies by: Heidi St John17-402Beauty in the Bloom by: Beth Mora17-403Stepping Outside the School Box: Creating a Home Where We Learn by: Heather Haupt17-404How to Ace the “New” SAT by: Jean Burk17-405An Equipment Operator's Guide to Keeping Your Family by: Forrest Mora17-406How the IRS Sees Homeschool Organizations by: Carol Topp, CPA17-407Choosing and Adapting Curriculum for Special Needs Students by: Jennifer Bliesner17-408History of Homeschooling in Oregon by: Dick Karman17-453Thriving in Higher Education: Opportunities and Challenges for Christian Homeschoolers by: exhibitor17-454Why Is My Fabulous Child So Forgetful and Frustrated? by: Bill Hartner17-455TROWEL - Teaching Children about Christ and Culture by: Dennis Tuuri17-456Radically Different Spelling Success with Spelling You See by: exhibitor17-501Better for Best: Keeping Christ as the Center of Your Home by: Heidi St John17-502Why We Need a Parental Rights Amendment by: Jim Mason17-503Help for the Homeschooling Mom: How to Stop Spinning Your Wheels and Move Forward by: Heather Haupt17-50430+ Micro Business Ideas by: Carol Topp, CPA17-505Treating Writing Allergies by: Beth Mora17-506Homeschooling Teens – Tips That Work by: Colene Lewis17-507The Who, What, When, Why & Hows of Developing a PDP by: Jennifer Bliesner17-50810 Relationship Mistakes by: Matthew Jacobson This set is subject to change without notice based on recording availability. Recordings that are lost due to technical difficulties or that are no longer available due to contractual agreements with the speakers, will not be included. No refund for missing sessions is guaranteed or implied.

Presented by Help Eliminate Learning Problems

As the Director of Help Eliminate Learning Problems (HELP, Inc.), Bill Hartner has a unique perspective of seeing learning problems from both sides. Bill will give a fascinating look at the right brain and left brain and why balancing the two is so important to effective learning. You’ll learn how concentration, focus, time management, cause-and-effect thinking and organization can be improved by integrating more left-brain critical thinking into the learning process.

Bill has been HELP’s Director for 34 years. HELP is a not for profit organization located on the campus of Marylhurst University between West Linn and Lake Oswego and provides testing and drug-free treatment for children and adults with learning and processing problems. For more information about HELP, check or call 503-635-3389 for an evaluation appointment.

Topics: Special needs
ID: 17-307
Jun. 23, 2017

Have you ever wondered if you or anyone you know has dyslexia? If so, you are not alone. dyslexia affects approximately 1 in 5 people. As a mom and home educator of a dyslexic learner, Joann has experienced the worry and frustration of watching her bright and creative child struggle, even though he tries hard. As a person with dyslexia, she has experienced the difficulties and benefits first-hand.

This presentation will encourage you on your journey. Dyslexia is a distinctive difference, not a divisive deficit. Using the most reliable research, we'll cover the basics of identifying, re-mediating, and accommodating. We will also cover the gifts and strengths of the dyslexic mind - because, yes, those exist too!

All children have special needs, but some have more challenges than others. Learn how to adapt and plan an effective curriculum so that your child shows measurable progress. Explore the stumbling blocks that can prevent true learning. Don't waste money and time buying the wrong curriculum. This is a great session for parents of more than one child. You'll learn how to adapt curriculum to fit more than one student.

Topics: Special needs

Who needs a Personal Development Plan? What exactly is it? When should you apply? Why should you apply? And most importantly, how do you write an effective measurable plan for your child? Mother of eight, (five with special needs) and homeschool consultant/tutor who has worked with more than 200 individual special needs children in the last 25 years, Jennifer Bliesner will lay out a clear course for developing and maintaining an effective “Personal Development Plan” for your special needs child. This important document will navigate you through the state requirements as well as enhance your child’s education.