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Lancaster, PA
Friday & Saturday
Jun. 2 through 3, 2017

PA-2017 With Grace to Complete the Race

Presented by: Christian Homeschool Association of Pennsylvania

How do you prepare your child for leadership in the civic realm? What does it mean to be a Christian statesman? Come and hear this introduction and overview of the American system of government, including our founding documents and a synopsis of how our government works on both a state and federal level, from this homeschool graduate who ran for office.

Although the scriptures do not specify exactly how a government must be formed, the principles of civil government are woven throughout the scriptures. Human government was instituted by God to protect man’s unalienable rights from mankind’s sinful tendencies [Romans 13] and a proper look at the other God ordained institutions reveals the need for government to be limited in scope. This session forms the basis for understanding the biblical worldview of government in order to make the connection to the biblical foundations for our US Constitution and American government. The session will also include a synopsis of the historical background of the Constitution and the influence of the biblical worldview upon the framers.