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Lancaster, PA
Friday & Saturday
Jun. 2 through 3, 2017

PA-2017 With Grace to Complete the Race

Presented by: Christian Homeschool Association of Pennsylvania
Recording ID: 2017-000
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The Complete Set of 2017 Recordings

Enjoy every session from the 2017 CHAP Convention.

Show Included Sessions
Sessions Included In This Set: 2017-101Homeschooling: Preference or Conviction by: Israel Wayne2017-103Homeschooling Distractible Kids Who Don't Like School by: Susan Kemmerer2017-104The Power of Affirmation by: Israel Wayne2017-105I Quit! by: Susan Kemmerer2017-107Preparing Your Outside-the-Box Kid for an Outside-the-Box Future by: Susan Kemmerer2017-108Pitchin' a Fit: Overcoming Angry and Stressed-Out Parenting by: Israel Wayne2017-111Preparing Young People for Mighty Works by: Mally Family2017-112Transform Learning through the Art of Questions by: Israel Wayne2017-113Helping Daughters Expose Lies and Speak Truth in Their Heart by: Mally Family2017-114Is Homeschooling Just for Women? by: Israel Wayne2017-115Preparing Young Ladies for Their Teen-age Years by: Mally Family2017-116Inside the Brain of a Hyperactive Homeschooler by: Israel Wayne2017-203Making Brothers and Sisters Best Friends by: Mally Family2017-204Teaching Professional Writing Techniques to Your Student by: David Fessenden2017-205The Importance of Learning from Dad: A Daughter's Perspective by: Mally Family2017-206Organize, DeClutter and Find Time by: Bonita Greiner2017-207Will Our Generation Speak? A Call to Be Bold with the Gospel by: Mally Family2017-208A Fly on the Wall in a Publishing House by: David Fessenden2017-211The Extras That Aren't Extra by: Sue Pruett2017-212Divide and Conquer—Writing Your First Draft by: David Fessenden2017-213Our Journey to the Charlotte Mason method in Math by: Sue Pruett2017-214Editing Your Own Material by: David Fessenden2017-215n Deep Water: Homeschooling Through the Turbulence of Special Education by: Denise Phillips2017-218Living Books to Language Arts by: Sue Pruett2017-303An Introduction to the Methods of Miss Charlotte Mason by: Sue Pruett2017-304Getting Started — Homeschooling by: Barb Beideman2017-305Introduction to American Government for the Christian Statesman by: Andrew Lewis2017-306Nature Studies – the Natural Way by: Sue Pruett2017-307Creating Your Own Unit Studies by: Barb Beideman2017-308Side by Side Business by: Sue Pruett2017-311How to Write the Perfect Novel Character by: Jeannette DiLouie2017-312Helping Your Child Develop a Biblical Worldview & Engage the Culture for Christ by: Bob Menges2017-313Aaron and His Sons: Understanding the Danger of Passive Fathering by: Chap Bettis2017-314Choosing a Major/College/Career: It's Better to get it Right than Fast! by: Jeff Reep2017-315The Biblical Worldview of Government and The United States Constitution by: Bob Menges2017-316Raising Children to Be Courageous Communicators for Christ by: Chap Bettis2017-317Training Boys – Goal: Not Well Behaved Boys but Godly Men. by: Jeff Reep2017-318Secrets Successful Homeschooling Fathers Know by: Chap Bettis2017-402Gospel Truths that Homeschoolers Forget by: Chap Bettis2017-403Curriculum: How Do I Choose? by: Linda Crosby2017-404The Disciple-Making Parent: Raising Your Children to Love and Follow Jesus Christ by: Chap Bettis2017-405Integrating Art Throughout Your Curriculum by: Linda Crosby2017-406No Tears Family Devotions by: Chap Bettis2017-407Ideas for Scheduling and Planning by: Linda Crosby2017-408Ask the Pediatrician and Advocating for Your Child by: Lainna Callentine2017-411Grace-Drenched Homeschooling by: Susan Kemmerer2017-412God Fills in the Gaps by: Linda Crosby2017-413What They Don't Tell You About Homeschooling Boys by: Susan Kemmerer2017-414No Child Left Inside: Using Field Trips to Enhance Learning by: Linda Crosby2017-415Exploding the Supermom Myth by: Susan Kemmerer2017-416Guidance Counseling 101 by: Rick Beideman, Barb Beideman2017-417Hands-On Learning by: Linda Crosby2017-418Nuts and Bolts of Homeschooling High School by: Barb Beideman2017-503Novel Writing 101 by: Jeannette DiLouie2017-504Sports and the Christian Worldview…Can the Two Coexist? by: Lainna Callentine2017-513Raising Godly Digital Natives by: Sam Black2017-514Fearless: Teaching Science Without Fear by: Lainna Callentine2017-704Christian Filmmaking 101 by: 2017-708How to Get into Filmmaking by: 2017-713Visual Storytelling by: 2017-717Honoring God with Your Films by: This set is subject to change without notice based on recording availability. Recordings that are lost due to technical difficulties or that are no longer available due to contractual agreements with the speakers, will not be included. No refund for missing sessions is guaranteed or implied.

How do you prepare your child for leadership in the civic realm? What does it mean to be a Christian statesman? Come and hear this introduction and overview of the American system of government, including our founding documents and a synopsis of how our government works on both a state and federal level, from this homeschool graduate who ran for office.

Although the scriptures do not specify exactly how a government must be formed, the principles of civil government are woven throughout the scriptures. Human government was instituted by God to protect man’s unalienable rights from mankind’s sinful tendencies [Romans 13] and a proper look at the other God ordained institutions reveals the need for government to be limited in scope. This session forms the basis for understanding the biblical worldview of government in order to make the connection to the biblical foundations for our US Constitution and American government. The session will also include a synopsis of the historical background of the Constitution and the influence of the biblical worldview upon the framers.