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Baton Rouge / Baker - Louisiana
Friday & Saturday
Apr. 17 through 18, 2015

2015 CHEF of Louisiana Homeschool & Parenting Convention - Raising the Next Generation

Presented by: Homeschool Louisiana
ID: D5
Apr. 17, 2015

Exactly what is homeschooling and how do I start? Is it legal? Do I have to have a degree? Where do I find my curriculum? Is a virtual academy the same as homeschool? These and many other questions plague most families just starting on the homeschool journey. This workshop is designed to answer the basic questions and help you on your way to a successful homeschool journey.

As moms, we are so used to putting others first - our spouse, our children, our aging parents, our church, our hairdresser's third cousin's next-door neighbor - you get the point! While we are called to serve, if we don't care for our physical health, we won't be able to serve for long. Come learn the 4 pillars of good health and how to harness the power of habits to get and stay healthy. We'll discuss what's essential, and determine what's "nice but not necessary." We'll also troubleshoot those crazy seasons of life like having a newborn, a family crisis, the holiday season, and more.