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Linn County Expo Center, Albany, Oregon
Friday & Saturday
Jun. 28 through 29, 2019

OR-2019 Walking in Freedom

Presented by: Oregon Christian Home Education Association Network

Homeschooling is the ultimate individualized education plan, so it’s no wonder parents of special needs children consider this educational choice. Peggy Ployhar, the CEO of SPED Homeschool, covers what it takes to get started homeschooling, avoiding and conquering common pitfalls, and homeschooling special education through high school. This talk gives practical advice from the trenches of homeschooling for 16 years and over a decade working as a special needs homeschool consultant.

Be encouraged and informed as Peggy provides a “how-to” introduction on the basics of writing and implementing a homeschool Individual Education Plan (IEP). She will guide you through the hows and whys, explain the legality of using a homeschool IEP based on the American Disabilities Act and Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, and provide teaching strategies for reaching IEP goals for specific diagnoses and learning struggles.

Peggy answers one of the most asked questions she receives: “What curriculum is best to teach my child who has unique needs?” Whether your child has a specific diagnosis or just struggles in one area of school or another, Peggy addresses how to use the curriculum you already own, or plan to use, and adjust it to meet your child’s specific needs, and consequently dissolve the struggles you are currently seeing in homeschooling your unique child.

With experience as a parent and foster-parent of multiple special needs children, Peggy has first-hand knowledge of raising, training, and homeschooling children with special needs. Woven with personal stories, biblical truth, and lots of encouragement, this talk will truly speak to the hearts of parents who want to raise their special needs children as God has called them to do.

ID: 19-503
Jun. 29, 2019

Homeschooling special needs high school doesn’t have to be a daunting prospect. Peggy has graduated two sons with special needs and helped countless other parents walk the special needs homeschooling road. She will share ideas about how to pick curriculum, write a transcript, and prepare a transition plan. She will also present record keeping strategies to consider if your child will need accommodations and modifications in college, in testing for college entrance, or for workforce placement.

Any parent knows a student’s learning goes beyond basics academics. But parents of special needs students are even more aware of this truth. Successful, post-homeschool transitioning of a special needs student requires planning. In this talk, Peggy takes parents of special needs homeschooling students through a plan that helps them be intentional in setting up a transition plan that will ready their student for life beyond homeschool.