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Friday & Saturday
Jun. 19 through 20, 2015

OR-2015 Our Hope is in the Lord

Presented by: Oregon Christian Home Education Association Network
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2015 Complete Conference

The 2015 Conference theme reminds us that "Our Hope is in the Lord" as we raise our families, tend our marriages, and homeschool. Sessions from the 2015 Oregon Christian Home Education Conference address all those aspects of Christian homeschool family life.

Show Included Sessions
Sessions Included In This Set: 15-001Our Hope is in the Lord by: Gregg Harris15-00230 Years of Vigilance for One Day of Freedom by: Dick Karman15-003Hoping in God Throughout the Seasons of Life by: Gregg Harris15-102Preschool 1,2,3,4 by: Jennifer Bliesner15-103Noah's Flood by: Kyle & Noah Justice15-1045 Secrets for Aspiring Entrepreneurs by: Daniel Craig15-105Christian Homeschool Success in High School by: Lee Binz15-106Nurture and Admonition - Not Pain and Provocation by: Dr. Brian Ray15-107Three Simple Goals for Your First Year by: Melanie Young15-108Nurturing Your Marriage While Homeschooling by: Ann Dunagan, Jon Dunagan15-109Your Struggling Learner, You Can Homeschool and We Can Help! by: Faith Berens15-201My Beloved, My Friend by: Melanie Young, Hal Young15-202Starting Your Preschooler Off Right by: Jennifer Bliesner15-203Ancient Man – What They Left Behind Confirms Scripture by: Kyle & Noah Justice15-204You're a Christian? That's Like So Weird by: Daniel Craig15-205High School Grades and Credits by: Lee Binz15-207Let the Homeschool Journey Begin by: Joyce Padilla15-208Aiming our Arrows into Adulthood by: Jon Dunagan15-209Teaching Struggling Learners At Home: Nuts and Bolts for Success by: Faith Berens15-303The Grand Canyon – Catastrophic Layering and Erosion by: Kyle & Noah Justice15-304Pop Culture, Jesus and Me by: Daniel Craig15-305One Hour Transcript Workshop by: Lee Binz15-306Training our Boys to be Men by: Jon Dunagan15-307Homeschooling Through the Hard Times by: Melanie Young, Hal Young15-308Personal Leadership by: Gregg Harris15-309Tackling Tricky High School Issues: Practical Help and Guidance by: Faith Berens15-402Endangered Minds: Raising a Thinking Child in an Electronic World by: Jennifer Bliesner15-403Dinosaurs and the Bible by: Kyle & Noah Justice15-404Daring Daughters: World Missions for PreTeen and Teenage Girls by: Ann Dunagan15-405Planning High School Courses by: Lee Binz15-406Anger: The Subtle Home Breaker by: Mike Schrock15-407Homeschooling a Houseful by: Melanie Young15-408A Yearning Fulfilled by: Gregg Harris15-409Laying a Foundation for Reading Comprehension in the Preschool Years by: Faith Berens15-501Raising Real Men by: Melanie Young, Hal Young15-502Dear Mommy: Loving the Little Years by: Grace King15-503Mount St. Helens – Evidence for the Flood by: Kyle & Noah Justice15-504How My Parents Kept My Heart...Even in the Teen Years by: Daniel Craig15-505Finding the Faith to Homeschool Through High School by: Lee Binz15-508Mission-Minded Families by: Ann Dunagan, Jon Dunagan15-509Developing and Drafting Student Education Plans (SEP's) by: Faith Berens15-601Parenting and Homeschooling By Faith, not Fear by: Jon Dunagan, Ann Dunagan15-602Homeschool FAQ's by: Joyce Padilla15-603The Ice Age by: Kyle & Noah Justice15-604Do Something! How to Engage Life for the Glory of God by: Daniel Craig15-605What's Next? Options After Homeschool High School by: Lee Binz15-606Communicating with Teens by: Mike Schrock15-607Homeschooling from the Beginning by: Melanie Young15-608Freedom – What's It Worth to You? by: Dr. Brian Ray15-609Dyslexia Demystified—Definitions and Hope for Homeschoolers by: Faith Berens This set is subject to change without notice based on recording availability. Recordings that are lost due to technical difficulties or that are no longer available due to contractual agreements with the speakers, will not be included. No refund for missing sessions is guaranteed or implied.
ID: 15-207
Jun. 19, 2015

Where and how does one begin this journey called homeschooling? Home education does not have to be overwhelming or fearful. Joyce will share simple teaching tips to help you navigate the early years.

ID: 15-602
Jun. 20, 2015

Are you looking into educational options for your children? Just what is homeschooling? Is it really legal? Am I qualified to teach my own? What if I miss something? Come explore the answer to these and many more "Frequently Asked Questions" drawing from Joyce's many years of experience homeschooling.