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Atlanta, GA
Tuesday - Thursday
May. 1 through 3, 2007

2007 GHEA Annual Conference

Presented by: Georgia Home Education Association
ID: 756
May. 1, 2007

All children get angry but some are out of control, leaving parents frustrated and puzzled about what to do. In this session you will learn how to help children see their anger coming on and make the necessary changes to prevent explosions. Our desire is to help children reduce the frequency and intensity of anger episodes, but also learn to be peacemakers instead of troublemakers in life. Many parents end this session saying, “I need this just as much as my children do."

Parents often think their job is done after they’ve given a consequence. Unfortunately tension often lingers in the relationship. Furthermore, many children don’t seem to make the connection between correction and life. Learning how to end the discipline time constructively can make all the difference. Walk away from this seminar with a plan to move correction from the head to the heart. This session will give you a plan for helping the child who blames, rationalizes, or justifies. Come see ways God includes hope in the discipline process.

History has been used to distort reality. Some of the distortion has a purpose behind it. Those who control the historical record control how we think about the world in which we live and how we react to cultural trends. Much of what the Myth-Historians have written has been used to discredit Christianity, everything from geo-centrism and the flat earth to slavery and the secular founding of America. Then there are some Christian historical myths that need to be dispelled. Did James Madison really praise the Ten Commandments? Is the de Tocqueville quotation about churches accurate? Teaching honest critical thinking skills is a necessity if we are going to capture the next generation.

ID: 770
May. 1, 2007

Many people have the idea that the battle between Christianity and humanism (or creation and evolution) is a battle over �facts.� However, it�s not that Christians need more facts than non-Christians to supposedly win the argument, for the real battle is actually over the interpretation of the same facts. Until Christians understand that everyone has the same facts but different interpretations of those facts (based upon different presuppositions or biases), they will not be successful in learning how to defend the Christian faith and think in a true Biblical manner. It�s very possible you will never think the same way about this world after attending this workshop!

Is the aim of home education simply to get a diploma or is there something else that we should target as our goal? Conscientious moms fear we�re not teaching our children everything they should know to be prepared to get a good job. We fear our boys may not be on grade level and our girls may not find a godly husband. We fear we may not be able to afford a good college. Yet in spite of all these fears, we don�t even recognize the biggest gap in home schooling. In this thought-provoking discussion about the main purpose of education, learn what God calls His people to do and how to educate our children by faith rather than by fear.