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Kent WA
Friday & Saturday
Apr. 28 through 29, 2023

WA 2023 Spring -Let Us Press On

Presented by: Christian Heritage Home Educators of Washington
Recording ID: 2023-SET
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Let Us Press On: Complete Conference Set

This is the complete set of recorded sessions from the 2023 Christian Heritage Family Discipleship Conference held in Kent Washington.

Show Included Sessions
Sessions Included In This Set: 23-01Press On: Toward Family Healing by: Dr. Rob Rienow23-02The Relevance of Genesis: The Bible, Culture and Christianity by: Bryan Osborne23-03Press On: Help Siblings Grow in Christ by: Dr. Rob Rienow23-04Noah's Ark and Flood: Real History Confirmed by: Bryan Osborne23-05Press On: Grow in Family Worship by: Dr. Rob Rienow23-101When Racism Becomes Justice: A Biblical Response to CRT & Social Justice by: Bryan Osborne23-103Loving the Preschool and Kindergarten Years by: Tauna Meyer23-104DIY Electric Motor - Lab Demo by: Joel Thomas23-105The Power of Mentorship: Secret to a Truly Higher Education by: Daniel Craig23-107Identify and Correct Blocked Learning Gates by: Pamela Gates23-109Faith, Values, and Constitution by: David Whitney23-110Techniques and Ideas for Creative Learning by: Steve Demme23-201Delight in Each Other - Encouragement for Ladies - Moms and Daughters 12+ by: Zan Tyler23-202Take Courage! Encouragement for Fathers by: Dr. Rob Rienow23-203A Biblical View of Finances by: Scott LaPierre23-204Crab Dissection - Lab Demo by: Joel Thomas23-205Christianity and the Constitution by: David Whitney23-207Fundamentals of Algebra Taught Concretely by: Steve Demme23-209The Great Reward: How Knowing God Changes Everything by: Daniel Craig23-210Get it All Done with Loop Scheduling by: Tauna Meyer23-301Help Your Child Find Freedom from Anger by: Dr. Rob Rienow23-302Church in Relationship to State in the Post-COVID Age - Pastors and Church Leaders Workshop by: David Whitney23-303Teaching the Right Brain Child by: Pamela Gates23-304Endothermic & Exothermic Reactions - Lab Demo by: Joel Thomas23-305Motivated Kids Move Mountains by: Zan Tyler23-307Stewardship by: Steve Demme23-3097 Habits of Joy-Filled Families by: Daniel Craig23-310Homeschool Success for the Type-B Homeschool Mom by: Tauna Meyer23-401The Power of Delight - Fathers and Sons Workshop by: Daniel Craig23-402Marriage Mistakes Homeschool Moms Make . . . and How to Avoid Them by: Tauna Meyer23-403Smart Kids Who Hate to Write by: Pamela Gates23-404Understanding pH - Lab Demo by: Joel Thomas23-405A Godly Young Woman's Workout: Build Spiritual and Emotional Fortitude by: Megan Craig23-407Loving Your Family Well by: Steve Demme23-409Dinosaurs, Dragons, and the Bible by: Bryan Osborne23-410The Constitution and Bill of Rights: Real History by: David Whitney23-501Pull in the Same Direction: A Family Vision by: Zan Tyler23-502Being Quick to Hear and Slow to Speak by: Steve Demme23-503Write Well: You and Your Children Can Do It! by: Susan Bradrick23-504Fruit Batteries - Lab Demo by: Joel Thomas23-505Quick Answers to Social Issues by: Bryan Osborne23-507Biology of Behavior by: Pamela Gates23-510Put Off Debt and Put On Saving by: Scott LaPierre This set is subject to change without notice based on recording availability. Recordings that are lost due to technical difficulties or that are no longer available due to contractual agreements with the speakers, will not be included. No refund for missing sessions is guaranteed or implied.
ID: 23-107
Apr. 28, 2023

Learn how to “diagnose and correct” learning disabilities or just mild processing glitches. If you have a bright hardworking child who has to work too hard to learn, one or more of his four learning gates is blocked. You can easily pinpoint which ones. Learn how to be your own diagnostician using a checklist of symptoms, and learn the necessary interventions. Parents can do this at home. It doesn’t have to be so hard for your child!

ID: 23-303
Apr. 29, 2023

Is your child a right-brain learner? Half of the population are right-brain dominant, and half are left-brain dominant. Learn to identify a right-brain child and to teach with many simple techniques, such as Right Brain Spelling and Right Brain Reading. As a bonus, understand your spouse better since we tend to marry someone of the opposite hemisphere. (God’s sense of humor!)

ID: 23-403
Apr. 29, 2023

If you have a child who groans and fusses about writing, or still writes reversals, or spells a word orally correctly but leaves out letters when he writes, this workshop is for you! The writing learning gate is the most common gate that is blocked with gifted kids. They know so much, but just can’t get their thoughts down in writing because this learning gate is blocked.

ID: 23-507
Apr. 29, 2023

Learn clues to your child’s brain/body chemistry. William Crook, MD, has found that over 85% of children with sensory processing disorders or attention/mood disorders when older, have experienced multiple ear infections as a young child. Untreated, these children often go on to have many hidden food allergies and asthma. It is easy to correct these imbalances at home and dramatically affect your child’s learning day.