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Washington State
Friday & Saturday
Mar. 19 through 20, 2021

WA - 2021 Spring Conference

Presented by: Christian Heritage Home Educators of Washington
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Set Price: $49.00

WA - 2021 Spring Conference

More Than Conquerors - Pursuing Christ Amid New Challenges (Please note: Dr. McLeod's and Bill Jack's sessions are not included in the set)

Show Included Sessions
Sessions Included In This Set: 21-003Restoring American Exceptionalism One Family at a Time - Keynote by: Rick Green21-005One Life to Give - Keynote by: Rick Green21-101The Biblical & Constitutional Right to Self-Defense by: Rick Green21-102Identifying and Correcting Blocked Learning Gates: How to by: Dianne Craft21-104Dissections at Home by: Joel Thomas21-106New Beginnings, Part 1 (Time Chroniclers Audiobook Series - Episode 1) by: Pat Roy21-107The Drama of the Reformation by: Douglas Bond21-201A Vision for Your Life (Kickstart: Launch Your Life Series) by: Kevin Swanson21-204COVID & The Constitution by: Rick Green21-205Getting It All In: Making a Workable Plan for YOUR Family by: Susan Bradrick21-206New Beginnings, Part 2 (Time Chroniclers Audiobook Series - Episode 2) by: Pat Roy21-207Mission Aviation: Technically Skilled People Advancing the Kingdom! by: Doug Nunziato21-302Teaching the Right Brain Child: You Might Have a Right Learner in Your Midst (Parts 1 & 2) by: Dianne Craft21-303Calling for Boys vs. Girls (Kickstart: Launch Your Life Series) by: Kevin Swanson21-304Introducing Electricity: Simple Affordable Labs for Homeschoolers by: Joel Thomas21-305Principles of Child Training (CH Parent Qualifying Course Series) by: Mary Craig21-306The Reunion, Part 1 (Time Chroniclers Listening Series - Episode 3) by: Pat Roy21-307Three Keys to Gap Year Success by: Jonathan Brush21-401Getting Started in Life (Kickstart: Launch Your Life Series) by: Steve Riddell21-403COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates, Other Medical Issues, and Your Parental Rights by: Bradley Pierce21-404Why Children Stop Playing Music When They Stop Taking Lessons: How to Create a Lifestyle of Music and Worship by: Elisha Voetberg21-405The Reunion, Part 2 (Time Chroniclers Listening Series - Episode 4) by: Pat Roy21-406The Poetic Wonder of Isaac Watts by: Douglas Bond21-407How Our Parents Kept Our Hearts by: Daniel Craig, Megan Craig21-502Training Your Child's Photographic Memory by: Dianne Craft21-503Mentorship 101 (Kickstart: Launch Your Life Series) by: Steve Riddell21-504The Sexual Revolution by: David Eddy21-505Debate Is More than Just Arguing by: Amy Joy Tofte21-506New Frontiers, Part 1 (Time Chroniclers Listening Series - Episode 5) by: Pat Roy21-507The Mighty Weakness of John Knox by: Douglas Bond21-601Auditory Processing and Working Memory by: Dianne Craft21-602New Frontiers, Part 2 (Time Chroniclers Listening Series - Episode 6) by: Pat Roy This set is subject to change without notice based on recording availability. Recordings that are lost due to technical difficulties or that are no longer available due to contractual agreements with the speakers, will not be included. No refund for missing sessions is guaranteed or implied.

Missions is the great call of our Lord for all believers to take part in. Yet, not all of us are evangelists, church planters, or pastors. Is there a place for the technically minded in missions? Yes! God has gifted each of us in unique ways so that we can use those gifts for His Kingdom’s work. In this presentation, come learn about how the skill of aviation in missions is spreading the Gospel farther and faster to the most isolated parts of the world.


Jamestown, North Dakota
Friday & Saturday
Mar. 6 through 7, 2020

2020 North Dakota Home School Convention

Presented by: North Dakota Home School Association
Recording ID: 20-000
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2020 Complete NDHSA Convention Recording Set

By purchasing this "complete set" you have the ability to listen to any or all of the great sessions at the 2020 NDHSA convention. A few sessions had been excluded at the request of the speaker. Sessions that were technically damaged or not recorded are not included in this set.

Show Included Sessions
Sessions Included In This Set: 20-01Train.Defend.Stand.— by: Chuck Black20-02Homeschooling: the Right Choice by: Chuck Black20-11Dealing with Doubt by: Chuck Black20-12Reaching the Heart of Your Child by: Ginger Hubbard20-13Learning & Teaching History From a Biblical Worldview by: Angela O'Dell20-14The Culture of God's Kingdom vs the World's by: Jared Dodd20-15Three Hot Careers: Plumbing, HVAC, and Refrigeration by: Mark Wood, Ryan Meisch20-16Ministry in the Midst of Mothering Many by: Jana Biel20-21Keeping your Kids from Losing their Faith by: Luke Miller20-22Taming Your Tongue— by: Ginger Hubbard20-23What I wish I'd Been Told at the Beginning by: Angela O'Dell20-24How to Have an Ever-Increasing Marriage by: Jared Dodd20-25Getting Started Homeschooling in North Dakota by: Theresa Deckert20-26CLEP / Dual Credits by: Kathy Miiller20-31Call to Arms: The Guts & Glory of Courageous Fatherhood by: Chuck Black20-32Talking to Your Teens About Pornography by: Keith Soencksen20-33Charlotte Mason for Today's Families by: Angela O'Dell20-34Seven Mistakes Many Homeschoolers Make by: Jared Dodd20-35You CAN Be a Great Math Teacher by: Maren Ehley20-36You Are Your Teen's Best Guidance Counselor by: Kathy Miiller20-41Practical Apologetics by: Chuck Black20-42Taming Your Child's Tongue by: Ginger Hubbard20-43Aiming at a Moving Target by: Angela O'Dell20-44Why Gender is Paramount by: Jared Dodd20-45Language Arts in the Real World by: Nancy Bjorkman20-46Why You Need to Teach Geology and How by: Patrick Nurre20-51Dads Homeschool, Too by: Bryan Dalzell20-53Helping Our Kids to De-stress in an Overstimulating World by: Angela O'Dell20-54How to Get to the Marriage Altar with Purity by: Jared Dodd20-55High School Transcripts How-To's by: Llora Knight20-56Four Powerful Words by: Patrick Nurre20-61Escapism: Avoiding the Snares of Media by: Chuck Black20-62How to Parent Without Provoking Anger by: Ginger Hubbard20-63I Believe in You, Kiddo...Here's Why!— by: Angela O'Dell20-64Essentials for Your Child's Success by: Jared Dodd20-65What's Next? Our Changing Role: Letting Go With Joy and Peace by: Rebbecca Nyberg20-66Apologetics From the Ground Up by: Patrick Nurre This set is subject to change without notice based on recording availability. Recordings that are lost due to technical difficulties or that are no longer available due to contractual agreements with the speakers, will not be included. No refund for missing sessions is guaranteed or implied.
ID: 20-14
Mar. 6, 2020

Culture is what you do without thinking about it. Unfortunately, the culture of the world has seeped into the church of America, having devastating effects. God is inviting people to repent and return to the priorities and practices of His Kingdom Culture.


Redmond, WA
Friday & Saturday
Apr. 26 through 27, 2019

WA - 2019 Spring Conference

Presented by: Christian Heritage Home Educators of Washington
Recording ID: 2019-AUDIO-SET
Original Price: $414.00
Set Price: $125.00

2019 Conference Complete Audio Set

This set contains all recordings available from the 2019 Christian Heritage Spring Conference, Building a Godly Legacy.

Show Included Sessions
Sessions Included In This Set: 19-001The Puritan Philosophy of Education - Keynote by: Dr. Voddie Baucham Jr.19-003Doing Apologetics in an Anti-Apologetic Age - Keynote by: Dr. Voddie Baucham Jr.19-004The Theology of Work - Keynote by: Dr. Voddie Baucham Jr.19-005Modern Spirituality and Your Mind – Truth Endures - Keynote by: Dr. Voddie Baucham Jr.19-02ARelational Wisdom: Preparing Children for Life - Keynote  by: Ken Sande19-02BRelational Wisdom: Preparing for Life - Keynote by: Jeff Sande19-101Building a Strong Family Legacy - The Art of Intentionality by: David McAlvany19-102Resolving Everyday Conflict by: Ken Sande19-103If Your Children Are Not Headed for College, Prepare Them for Home Business by: Rhea Perry19-104Developing a Plan for High School: Sample Four-Year Plans by: Carol Becker19-105The War on the Constitution, Why Youth Should Care by: Jake MacAulay19-106Hacking Physics: Making Physics Wonderful for Your Students by: Wes Olson19-107Knights in Training: Raising Boys into Men by: Heather Haupt19-108That's Impossible by: Mike Snavely19-109Getting Kids to Help at Home: Training in Diligence and Thoroughness by: Vicki Bentley19-110The Journey to Novarupta by: Pat Roy19-111Strong Marriages for Healthy, Homeschooling Environments by: Scott LaPierre 19-112Teaching Literature from a Christian Worldview by: Kevin Swanson19-201Disposing of Baggage: The Proper Disposal of Generational Junk by: David McAlvany19-202Harnessing the Power of Emotions   by: Ken Sande19-203Formative Discipline by: Dr. Voddie Baucham Jr.19-204Essential Skills for Successful Teens: Study and Time Management by: Carol Becker19-205Maximizing on the Power of Mentorship by: Kevin Swanson19-206Preparing the Biblical Christian for Engagement in the Culture by: Jake MacAulay19-20710 Ways to Boost Brain Power by: Heather Haupt19-208Grand Canyon – The Puzzle on the Plateau by: Mike Snavely19-209Exploring Curriculum Options by: Vicki Bentley19-210The Laws of Thermodynamics by: Pat Roy19-211Health from a Biblical Perspective by: Allan Blain19-212Relational Wisdom in the Movies by: Jeff Sande19-213The Grand Design: A Chess Master's Strategies to Success in Life by: Elliott Neff19-300Building a Strong Father and Son Legacy by: Jeff Sande, Ken Sande19-301Pop Culture, Entertainment, and the Family by: Kevin Swanson19-302The Negotiation Skills of Solomon by: Ken Sande19-3035 Home Business Projects that Teach Financial Literacy and Create Income by: Rhea Perry19-304Multi-level Teaching by: Vicki Bentley19-305Embracing Disturbance: Blessings in Disguise by: David McAlvany19-306The Homeschooling Dad by: Jake MacAulay19-307Spiders! by: Mike Snavely19-308The Life of Isaac Newton and Why it Matters by: Wes Olson19-309Building on a Sure Foundation: Staying the Course through High School by: Carol Becker19-310The Need to Be Prepared by: Scott LaPierre 19-311Why Movement is Essential to Learning by: Heather Haupt19-312The Scopes Trial by: Pat Roy19-313Young Peacemakers by: Corlette Sande19-401Building a Financial Legacy: A Jump Start Before Marriage by: David McAlvany19-402Homeschooling and Missions by: Dr. Voddie Baucham Jr.19-403How We Brought Our Dad Home from Corporate America in Just 3 Years and How You Can Too! by: Rhea Perry19-404Hope for the Organizationally Challenged by: Vicki Bentley19-405Managing Change by: Ken Sande19-406Ape Men Fossils by: Pat Roy19-407The Pillars of Evolution by: Mike Snavely19-408Making Math and Science Meaningful by: Kevin Swanson19-409You Can Homeschool High School . . . If You Can Make It through Tomorrow! by: Carol Becker19-410The Institute on the Constitution for Youth by: Jake MacAulay19-411Conquering Your Fear of Educational Gaps by: Heather Haupt19-412Tips for Enjoying the Process of Child Training by: Mary Craig19-501Raising Empathetic Children by: Ken Sande19-502Avoiding the Pitfalls of Investing in Today's Markets by: David McAlvany19-503Understanding the Times — How the Western World Loses the Christian Faith by: Kevin Swanson19-504When Life Broadsides Your Homeschool by: Vicki Bentley19-505Rebels/Prodigals: God can Rescue Them . . . He is Our Hope by: Jake MacAulay19-506Expanding your Comfort Zone for Maximum Impact by: Allan Blain19-507Dinosaurs by: Pat Roy19-508The Life of Albert Einstein and Why it Matters by: Wes Olson19-509Preparing Your Teen for Life by: Carol Becker19-510Overcoming Artificial Maturity  by: Jeff Sande19-511Equipping Kids to Persevere and Pursue Excellence by: Heather Haupt19-512How to Permanently Remove the Deep Roots of Bitterness by: Tim Roth This set is subject to change without notice based on recording availability. Recordings that are lost due to technical difficulties or that are no longer available due to contractual agreements with the speakers, will not be included. No refund for missing sessions is guaranteed or implied.
ID: 19-402
Apr. 27, 2019

God is a God of missions. God’s people are a people on a mission. Voddie explores the biblical idea of missions from Genesis to Revelation (that’s right…missions did not originate with the Great Commission or even the New Testament). Then we explore ways to 1) teach missions in the home, and 2) get involved with missions through praying, giving, and going. We may even discuss the Baucham family mission endeavor in Zambia.

Topics: Missions


Linn County
Friday & Saturday
Jun. 22 through 23, 2018

OR-2018 Build Your House - Homeschooling for the Kingdom

Presented by: Oregon Christian Home Education Association Network
Recording ID: 18-SET
Original Price: $310.50
Set Price: $99.00

2018 Complete Conference Set

Show Included Sessions
Sessions Included In This Set: 18-01Family Worship: The Forgotten Home Discipleship Tool by: Dr. Voddie Baucham Jr.18-02American Exceptionalism by: David Barton18-03 Culture Wars: How They Affect the Homeschool Family and How We Respond by: Dr. Voddie Baucham Jr.18-04Keeping Truth in History by: David Barton18-101Bible Study Basics: How to Study and Teach the Bible at Home by: Dr. Voddie Baucham Jr.18-102Sex, Porn, and Your Kids:Age Appropriate Conversations by: Corey Gilbert18-103Life is a Bowl of Cherries by: Betsy Ray18-104Developing a Plan for High School: Sample Four-Year Plans by: Carol Becker18-105A Mom's Sentimental Journey by: Vicki Bentley18-106Thriving in Higher Education: Opportunities and Challenges by: Eliot Grasso18-107The Challenged and Challenging Child by: HELP Vendor18-108Biblical Stewardship with Continuing Education Credits by: Timothy Partners18-109Getting Started Teaching Kids with Learning Difficulties by: Marianne Sunderland18-110The Days of Creation by: Pat Roy18-152Why Christian Collegiate Education? by: New StAndrews18-153Experience Excellence in Writing by: Institute for Excellence in Writing18-154Making the Cut: A Candid Look at Independent Filmmaking by: Little Crews Studio18-155Emergency Services by: Civil Air Patrol Oregon Wing18-156Top Ten Homeschooling Secrets to Ace the SAT/ACT/PSAT by: College Prep Genius18-157Storytellers: The Gatekeepers of our Heritage by: Jack Dublin18-158Developing a Quiet Time with God by: Real Life Bible Studies18-181It's Easy to Homeschool - Dads (and Sons) and Donuts by: Dick Karman18-182You've Got What It Takes, and It's Not What You Think - Moms (and Daughters) and Muffins by: Dorothy Karman18-201Don't Let Home Education Destroy Your Marriage! by: Dr. Voddie Baucham Jr.18-202Leading Your Family in a Tech'ed-Out World- by: Corey Gilbert18-203Getting It All Done: Loop Scheduling for Homeschooling and Homemaking by: Tauna Meyer18-204High School Transcript Clinic: Practical Help and Tips by: Carol Becker18-205Exploring Curriculum Options by: Vicki Bentley18-206Evangelism, Mission Trips, and Spanish by: Living Waters Spanish 18-207Key Principles for Living Life with Passion, Purpose, and Victory by: Cheryl's Christian Books18-208Math is More than Just Numbers with RightStart™ Math by: Right Start Mathematics 18-209Avoiding and Overcoming Homeschool Burnout by: Marianne Sunderland18-210Made in the Image of God by: Pat Roy18-301God in the Constitution by: David Barton18-302Oregon Homeschool Law: Past, Present and Future by: Dorothy Karman, Rodger Williams18-303#IBELONGTOCHRIST by: Betsy Ray18-304Charting Your Way Through High School for College, Workforce, or Military by: Carol Becker18-305The Word for Wee Ones by: Vicki Bentley18-306Free College at Your Fingertips by: College Prep Genius18-307Aerospace Education/STEM by: Civil Air Patrol Oregon Wing18-308Been there. Done That. Still Doing It! by: Sandy Belschner18-309Help for the Hopelessly Unorganized Child: Homeschooling Kids with ADD or ADHD by: Marianne Sunderland18-310Dinosaurs and the Bible by: Pat Roy18-401Four Centuries of American Education by: David Barton18-402The Christian Man as Father by: Dr. Voddie Baucham Jr.18-404Essential Skills for Successful Teens: Study and Time Management by: Carol Becker18-405Hope for the Organizationally Challenged by: Vicki Bentley18-406Build an Amazing Homeschool Transcript by: Jean Burk, College Prep Genius18-409Fearfully and Wonderfully Made by: Marianne Sunderland18-452What It Takes to Be a Missionary Pilot! by: Mission Aviation Fellowship18-453The Challenged and Challenging Child by: HELP Vendor18-454Hands-on Aerospace Activities by: Civil Air Patrol Oregon Wing18-455The Art of Grammar Across the Ages by: Classical Conversations 18-456Making a Difference: Children with Character by: Accelerated Christian Education 18-457Written In The Stars: by: Jack Dublin18-458Fractions: From Fear to Fun with RightStart™ Math! by: Right Start Mathematics 18-501Know the Bible by: David Barton18-502Our Valuable Homeschool Freedoms: Remain Vigilant, Be Vocal, Experience Victory by: OCEAN Freedom Watch Team18-503Developing and Teaching Your Family a Biblical Sexual Ethic by: Corey Gilbert18-504The College Admissions Process: The Homeschooled Student's Guide by: Carol Becker18-505Homeschooling Middles While You Still Have Littles by: Vicki Bentley18-506Best Kept Secret to Free College: The PSAT by: College Prep Genius18-509You Can Homeschool Your Child with Dyscalculia, Dysgraphia, and Dyslexia: Identifying, Accommodating, and Remediating by: Marianne Sunderland18-601Biblical Manhood in the Home by: Dr. Voddie Baucham Jr.18-602Homeschool Child Abuse, Government Control, and Homeschool Freedoms by: Dr. Brian Ray18-603This is My Story. This is My Song! by: Joyce Padilla18-604 You Can Homeschool High School…If You Can Make It Through Tomorrow! by: Carol Becker18-605When Life Broadsides Your Homeschool by: Vicki Bentley18-609Raising Kids with Vision by: Marianne Sunderland This set is subject to change without notice based on recording availability. Recordings that are lost due to technical difficulties or that are no longer available due to contractual agreements with the speakers, will not be included. No refund for missing sessions is guaranteed or implied.

You will walk out of this session knowing how to share the Gospel, both in Spanish and English. Be ready to share the Good News with anyone, anywhere, whether with a neighbor or on a mission trip.


Baton Rouge / Baker - Lousisiana
Friday & Saturday
Apr. 15 through 16, 2016

2016 Louisiana Christian Parenting Conference

Presented by: Homeschool Louisiana

Join the Welches and their homeschool graduates as they present how to practically impart the key elements of servant leadership in the context of home and family. Believing that our children should be agents of initiative and influence, they will address the challenges of transferring courage, creativity, intentionality, and responsibility. Come hear how they turned these big picture ideas in to real life, practical steps. A portion of the time will be allotted for you to hear from and ask questions of their children.