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Complete Conference Set of recordings

This gives you access to all of the available recordings made at the 2022 Oregon Christian Home Education Conference. No need to click on any other title. This selection provides all of the available session recordings.

Sessions Included In This Set: 22-01Whatever - (Deuteronomy 12:32.) by: Bill Jack22-02Freedom From Fear by: Melanie Young, Hal Young22-101Your Marriage and Your Kids by: Melanie Young, Hal Young22-102In Over My Head! What Was I Thinking? by: Jan Smith22-103Getting Started Homeschooling by: Tauna Meyer22-104Pieces of the Learning Puzzle by: Marcia Davis22-105Developing a Plan for High School by: Rochelle Mathews-Summerville22-106Wizards vs. the Wiseman (pt1): An Introduction to Worldviews by: Bill Jack22-112Life is Sacred by: Right To Life 22-113Sorry, Mom, I forgot! by: HELP Vendor22-114Help Lord- I'm outnumbered ! by: Vendor 22-1155 Core Habits to Help Your Child Learn Anything by: Classical Conversations 22-201Help! High School is Coming! by: Roger Smith MD, Jan Smith22-202Homeschooling Young Children by: Melanie Young22-203Keeping Homeschooling Fun—for Children and Parents by: Jackie Whitesell22-204What Gifted Kids Really Need by: Hal Young22-205High School Transcript Clinic: Practical Help and Tips by: Rochelle Mathews-Summerville22-206Tearing Up Tracks Leading to Destruction by: Bill Jack22-301No Longer Little by: Melanie Young, Hal Young22-302The Power of Your Child's Emotions and Your Need to Understand by: Roger Smith MD22-303Motivating the Reluctant Learner by: Rochelle Mathews-Summerville22-304Privately Developed Plans for Special Needs Students by: Jo Edwards22-305Pathways to College by: Eliot Grasso22-306Wizards vs. the Wiseman (pt2): by: Bill Jack22-401How Not to Lose Your Teens by: Melanie Young, Hal Young22-402Strategies for Multi-Level Learning by: Tauna Meyer22-403Dad's Essential Role by: Roger Smith MD22-404Autism Spectrum Disorders: An Individualized Approach to Instructional Basics by: Rochelle Mathews-Summerville22-405Framing the conversation on Transgender & LGBTQIA+ with Your Kids From a Biblical Worldview by: Corey Gilbert22-406Wizards vs. the Wiseman (pt 3) by: Bill Jack22-501Discipline that Draws Children Closer by: Roger Smith MD, Jan Smith22-502Teaching Boys to Love Reading and Writing by: Melanie Young22-503I'm Not So Sure About This by: Hal Young22-504You Can Homeschool Your Struggling Learner by: Rochelle Mathews-Summerville22-505Love, Sex, Dating, & Marriage: for Preteens, Teens, & Parents by: Corey Gilbert22-506Wizards vs. the Wiseman (pt 4): by: Bill Jack22-511Hope for America: Equipping Youth with Constitutional Literacy by: 22-512Organizing Your Homeschool by: 22-514Light Sensitivity: A Piece of the Learning Puzzle? by: 22-515communicating Effectively In a Loud World by: 22-516Work from Home as a Medical Transcriptionist by: 22-601Rx for a Healthy Marriage by: Roger Smith MD, Jan Smith22-602Curriculum Approaches and Chioces by: Melanie Young22-603Boys and Media by: Hal Young22-604Understanding the Twice Exceptional Learner: Boundless Gifts by: Rochelle Mathews-Summerville22-605Going Beyond by: Corey Gilbert22-606Wizards vs The Wiseman: (pt 5) by: Bill Jack This set is subject to change without notice based on recording availability. Recordings that are lost due to technical difficulties or that are no longer available due to contractual agreements with the speakers, will not be included. No refund for missing sessions is guaranteed or implied.