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Complete set of 2019 NDHSA Convention (41 sessions)

Purchasing this set will allow you to download 41 sessions from the 2019 North Dakota Home School Convention, for personal use only. Each of these sessions will appear in your Alliance Recording account. NOTE: Hands-on Science Labs, computer classes, crafts and the TEEN TRACK are not included in this set.

Sessions Included In This Set: 19-02Freedom: What's It Worth To You by: Dr. Brian Ray19-11Who Am I? Identity Determines Strength by: Dr. Brian Ray19-12The Homeschooling Dad by: Jake MacAulay19-13Tips for successful Homeschooling by: Nancy Manos19-14Shoestring Budget Homeschooling by: Dara Halydier19-15Getting Started in North Dakota by: Theresa Deckert19-16High School Record Keeping by: Lisa Nehring19-21Dinosaurs, Ice Age and Pre - Flood World by: Brian Young19-22Homeschooling Outside the Box by: Cam Leedahl19-23Curriculum Approaches by: Nancy Manos19-24Marriage Matters by: Dara Halydier19-25Building a History Timeline by: Jay Patterson19-26The Fundamentals of Writing Fiction by: Chuck Black19-31Swimming Upstream: The Water Gets Clearer by: Dr. Brian Ray19-32Practical Apologetics by: Chuck Black19-33Ideas for Hands - On Learning by: Nancy Manos19-34Raising Godly Kids by: Dara Halydier19-35Dual Credit: What You Need to Know by: Dan Dreissen19-36Blended Learning by: Lisa Nehring19-37Fashioned by God (For Young Ladies) by: Shaun Prince19-41Scientific Evidence of a Young Earth by: Brian Young19-42Rebels and Prodigals: God Can Rescue Them by: Jake MacAulay19-43Joy in the Journey by: Nancy Manos19-44High School Fun: All Subjects Without All the Textbooks by: Dara Halydier19-45Engaging Early Learners by: Nancy Bjorkman19-46Working and homeschooling by: Lisa Nehring19-51About to be Co-Opted by: Dr. Brian Ray19-52Understanding Temperaments by: Catherine Zoller19-54Gracefully Letting Go by: Dara Halydier19-555 Mistakes To Avoid in Teaching Math by: Antoinette LaGrossa 19-56Teaching Multiple Children by: Llora Knight19-57Make a Joyful Noise: Applied Vocal Technique by: Emily Black19-61Nurture and Admonition... Not Pain and Provocation by: Dr. Brian Ray19-62Revelation Generation: Preparing Children for the Days to Come by: Chuck Black19-64What Homeschoolers won't Talk About by: Dara Halydier19-65Parenting the Special Needs Child by: Thea Lee19-66What's Next by: Lisa Nehring19-67Courting, Dating or Becoming a Eunuch by: Catherine Zoller This set is subject to change without notice based on recording availability. Recordings that are lost due to technical difficulties or that are no longer available due to contractual agreements with the speakers, will not be included. No refund for missing sessions is guaranteed or implied.