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The Entire Conference Recording Set

Friday Mar. 18, 2016

This allows you to download any one or all of the messages on the 2016 Downstate Conference. Messages you missed- Messages you want to review- Messages that you want to talk over with your spouse- Any or all messages for one low price. (This only includes messages that were successfully recorded- sorry)

Sessions Included In This Set: DNY1601Normal Is Overrated by: Travis ZimmermanDNY1602Getting It All Done: Putting Balance Back In Your Life by: Suze DalencourDNY1603New To Homeschooling #1 by: Jennifer VonEiff, Cassandra MulliganDNY1605Dealing With Social Workers by: TJ SchmidtDNY1606Ten Ways to Stop Checking Boxes by: Travis ZimmermanDNY1607Preparing Your Child for College Level Writing by: Carter CherylDNY1608New To Homeschooling #2 by: Jennifer VonEiff, Cassandra MulliganDNY1609Dyslexia and Reading Disorders: What to Do About It by: Dr. Connie RussoDNY1611Top 10 Homeschooling Issues by: TJ SchmidtDNY1612Discipline: Bringing It Back To God by: Suze DalencourDNY1613New To Homeschooling #3 by: Jennifer VonEiff, Cassandra MulliganDNY1614Help! My Student Has So Many Struggles by: Mary FratianniDNY1615Knowing Your Triggers, Learning How and Why to Carve Out Time for Mom by: Jessica DeLeonDNY1616Having an Amazing Marriage Outside Of Homeschooling by: Travis ZimmermanDNY1617Homeschooling High School by: Tricia WinslowDNY1618New To Homeschooling #4 by: Jennifer VonEiff, Cassandra MulliganDNY1619Special Needs Forum by: Mary FratianniDNY1620Keynote #1 - Stop the School Mentality by: Travis ZimmermanDNY1621Featured Workshop - Testimony of a Homeschool Graduate by: TJ SchmidtDNY1622Keynote #2 - Fight or Flight - Choosing Your Battles with Your Kids by: Travis Zimmerman This set is subject to change without notice based on recording availability. Recordings that are lost due to technical difficulties or that are no longer available due to contractual agreements with the speakers, will not be included. No refund for missing sessions is guaranteed or implied.