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CHOH Annual Conference - 2017

Friday Mar. 10, 2017

This We believe! Keynote speaker: Todd Wilson This set includes every recording from the Christian Homeschoolers Of Hawaii Conference keynote and workshop sessions. Forty recordings in all. A great savings over 50% off!

Sessions Included In This Set: 17-204Free College at your Fingertips by: Jean Burk17-209Experience Excellence in Writing by: Karen Shimabukuro17-404How to Ace the “New” SAT by: Jean Burk2017-01This, We Believe! by: Todd Wilson2017-02Choose the Hard Things by: Todd Wilson2017-03Life after Graduation by: Todd Wilson2017-04Lies Homeschoolers Believe by: Todd Wilson2017-05How to be a Great Wife Even Though You Home School by: Todd Wilson2017-06Every Dad a Homeschooling Dad! by: Todd Wilson2017-07Taming the Techno-beast by: Todd Wilson2017-08Answers for Homeschool Critics in Your Life — Even When its You by: Todd Wilson2017-09Nurturing Competent Communicators –The Power of Linguistic Patterns by: Andrew Pudewa2017-10Teaching Boys & Other Children Who Would Rather Make Forts All Day by: Andrew Pudewa2017-11The Four Deadly Errors of Teaching Writing by: Andrew Pudewa2017-12The Four Language Arts by: Andrew Pudewa2017-13Fairy Tales and the Moral Imagination by: Andrew Pudewa2017-14But … but … but … What about Grammar? by: Andrew Pudewa2017-15Homeschool 101 by: Lora Burbage2017-17Preparing for the Job Market – College? Business? Trends? by: Lora Burbage2017-18Preparing the Next Generation for Marriage by: Mike & Kim Marquez2017-19Help Your Nonstandard Learner by: Esther Wilkison2017-20How to Love Teaching a Reluctant Writer by: Esther Wilkison2017-21Don't Give Up on the Disorganized by: Esther Wilkison2017-22Benefits of Nonstandard Learning by: Esther Wilkison2017-23Help for the Numerically Challenged by: Esther Wilkison2017-24Brain Development & Handwriting by: Esther Wilkison2017-25Who Gets the Last Word? by: Patrick Nurre2017-26The Geology of Hawaii from a Biblical Perspective by: Patrick Nurre2017-27Genesis and the Ice Age by: Patrick Nurre2017-28How to Identify Those Rocks Your Kids are Bringing Home by: Patrick Nurre2017-29Dinosaurs, the Ark and the Bible by: Patrick Nurre2017-30Mountain Building: Geological Apologetics by: Patrick Nurre2017-31How Do I Teach All These Kids and Still Get Dinner on the Table? by: Laura Amick2017-32Intentional Learning through Play by: Randie Megan Graef2017-33Tough Questions, Vibrant Dialogue, Critical Thinkers, and Eloquent Expression by: Dianne Nowak2017-34Secrets to the Scholarship Search by: Jean Burk2017-35Freeze Your Teenagers until They're 23 by: Jean Burk2017-37Build an Amazing Homeschool Transcript by: Jean Burk2017-38Knowledge to College – Your Keys from A-Z by: Jean Burk2017-40Discovering and Inspiring Gifts through Fun by: Cullen Chong This set is subject to change without notice based on recording availability. Recordings that are lost due to technical difficulties or that are no longer available due to contractual agreements with the speakers, will not be included. No refund for missing sessions is guaranteed or implied.