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Saturday Workshops - 17 FEAST Home School Convention

Saturday Jun. 10, 2017

Take only the Saturday, 2017 FEAST Home School Convention workshops home with you. For one price you can listen to any or all of the recorded Thursday and Friday 17 FEAST Convention workshops (for personal use only). Included workshops are subject to availability Recordings lost due to technical difficulties will not be included.

Sessions Included In This Set: 17-120“Why Smart Kids Struggle with School” by: Scarnati Rafael17-131Rooted, Grounded, and Abiding in the Love of God by: Steve Demme17-132Underpinnings – Fossils, Physics and Genetics by: Scott Lane17-133Train the Photographic Memory by: Pamela Gates17-134Prime Numbers – The Gateway to Algebra and Beyond! by: Dennis Dinoia17-135Experience Excellence in Writing - Julie Marshall by: exhibitor17-136Learning to Let Go by: Doug Flanders17-137How to Breathe Life into Your Marriage by: Jennifer Flanders17-138Juggling Life and Lesson Plans by: Vicki Bentley17-141From Crisis to Christ, the Journey of a Husband and Father by: Steve Demme17-142Biology and Intelligent Design: Animals that Defy Evolution by: Scott Lane17-143Biology of Behavior by: Pamela Gates17-144Student Led Learning by: Dennis Dinoia17-145Music Memory Introduction to 16 Classical Music Favorites by: Debbie Tannert17-147No Money Back, –But the Reward of Obedience? Priceless! by: Lindsey Lambert17-149Dyslexia?  Spelling and Comprehension Problems? WE CAN HELP! by: Deede McCauley17-150Top 5 Ways Identity Theft Can Devastate You and Your Children's lives. by: exhibitor17-151Purposeful Parents–Exceptional Kids by: Felder Valerie17-152Biology and Missing Links: Lucy Unveiled by: Scott Lane17-153Getting Kids to Help at Home by: Vicki Bentley17-154Managing the Mother's Load; Wise Moms Prioritize Self-Care by: Jeanette Watje17-155Designing and Maintaining a High School Transcript by: June Haliscak This set is subject to change without notice based on recording availability. Recordings that are lost due to technical difficulties or that are no longer available due to contractual agreements with the speakers, will not be included. No refund for missing sessions is guaranteed or implied.