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Saturday Sessions 2018

Sessions Included In This Set: 2018E1The Socratic Method for Dummies—Become a Great Teacher the Easy Way by: Adam Andrews2018E2Preparing the Biblical Christian for Engagement in the Culture War by: Jake MacAulay2018E3Myths and Realities in the Identification/Diagnosis of Learning & Behavior Problems by: Ed Daly2018E4What Colleges Want—The Big 3 by: Gene Walter2018E6Preparing Your Teen for Life by: Carol Becker2018E7Holocaust Literature by: Institute for Holocaust Education 2018F1The Art of Good Questions by: Classical Conversations 2018F2Institute on the Constitution by: 2018F3Success Stories Start with CCC by: Central Community College 2018F4Making a Difference: Children with Character by: ACE Ministries 2018F6Your Child Can Love History with Notgrass by: Notgrass History 2018F7Impacting the World Through Your Family by: Child Evangelism Fellowship 2018G1Raising a Worldview Detective—Three Steps to Thinking Critically About Books, Movies and More by: Adam Andrews2018G2Engaging Preschoolers While Teaching Older Children by: Carol Kelsey2018G3Let's Play Math Games! by: Kathleen Cotter Lawler2018G4Opening the Window on Foreign Language by: Ruth Tennis2018G5Striving for Success - Part 1 by: Gwelda Carlson2018G6High School Transcript Clinic: Helps & Tips by: Carol Becker2018H1Symbolism - Mastering Literature's Most Powerful Device by: Ian Andrews2018H2Alternatives to the SAT Exam by: Henry Burke2018H3Identifying Simple & Low-Cost Strategies to Supplement the Curriculum When the Child is Not Progressing by: Ed Daly2018H4Teaching Nebraska History at Home by: Gretchen Garrison2018H4Teaching Nebraska History at Home by: Gretchen Garrison2018H5Striving for Student Success - Part 2 by: Gwelda Carlson2018H6You Can Homeschool High School...If You Can Make It Through Tomorrow by: Carol Becker2018H7Religion and Our Founding Fathers by: Jake MacAulay2018K3Education in an Hour—Teaching Life's Most Crucial Lesson in One Sitting by: Adam Andrews This set is subject to change without notice based on recording availability. Recordings that are lost due to technical difficulties or that are no longer available due to contractual agreements with the speakers, will not be included. No refund for missing sessions is guaranteed or implied.