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Training the Photographic Memory

Technical quality problems (this is from 2017) Many people think that some are just born with a “photographic memory.” But we now know that this amazing ability can be easily taught. Teach your children the lifelong skill of studying for tests by taking a picture of the contents of a chapter. These memory techniques are commonly used by Cambridge University students to reduce studying time. For some children, math is a monster! They hate it and always feel dumb when doing it. These children have difficulty learning math facts. They tend to do poorly on tests because they “forget” how to do the math processes (division, fractions, algebra, etc.) You will learn how to help your child finally store the math facts in their long-term memory. Your child will finally be able to pass the math tests and go on to higher math courses using right-brain math. No curriculum to purchase... just fast, effective, right-brain strategies to use at home to reduce math frustration and tears! So many moms report that their child now likes math. These powerful visual memory techniques work with all types of learners and can be a Godsend for a child who has an auditory processing glitch. Have a happier child this year. Even works with adults!