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The Comparison Trap – Moms Need Each Other

Saturday May. 20, 2017

The Internet has opened up so many avenues for homeschool moms, giving us access to curricula, educational information and helps, and lots of virtual support. Although this is helpful, whenever we visit a fellow homeschooler online, we often see her at her best: kids working diligently on the couch, elaborate dioramas of epic battles, etc. And we often hear the same thing when we engage with local moms, too. All of this “perfection” can make us feel like we don’t measure up. Comparing hinders us from engaging, so it is crucial for us to get past those paralyzing feelings and begin to support and encourage each other, especially in person. Because the enemy works to divide us, as sisters in Christ, we must come alongside one another for mutual support. It may not take a village to educate your children, but moms need that village of support as the body of Christ.